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Membership of Alliance has always been open to hockey players, both women and men from anywhere in the world who are 40 years old and over.


We are a thriving club with no home! We meet and play at tournaments. We therefore hold our AGM and other meetings in different countries; we elect our officials and conduct the business of the club at those tournaments.


We use the application Spond to communicate with our membership and we share news highlights, processes and information on our website and on social media.


Applying for Membership

Please Apply for Membership through Spond:  

You will be asked for some basic details which will enable us to assess your suitability to become a member. You will also be asked to agree to our GDPR rules (Privacy Protocol).


If you are unable to apply via Spond

Types of Membership

Ordinary Member

Once your membership application has been submitted and accepted by the Executive Committee, you will receive confirmation. 


There is no joining fee to pay until you play at a tournament. There are no annual subscriptions either.  You simply pay when you are selected to play. 


Once you decide which tournaments you wish to play in, you simply nominate yourself by using Spond. When we get nearer to the tournament start date, the Executive Committee will select squads for each age group. If you are selected then you will incur three fees:-​

  1. The first is the Alliance Membership Fee of 30 euros.  This is a one-off administrative payment to join the Club.

  2. The second is the Alliance Registration Fee of 25 euros.  This is payable for each tournament you play in (unless you are Life Member).  It is used as a contribution to the running costs of our club and is instead of an annual subscription.

  3. The third is the Tournament Fee which Alliance must collect from every participant and submit to the organiser.  This fee varies depending on the number of people in the team, and is usually between 20 and 40 Euros per person.

Life Member

This membership option is available after 1 year of Ordinary Membership and is subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

The fee for Life Membership is 200 Euros for those over 60 years old and  300 Euros for those under 60.

The benefit is that you will no longer be required to pay any of the Alliance Registration Fees of 25 Euros. So, if you are over 60 and take this option and play in over 8 tournaments in the first few years, then all subsequent tournaments will be free of the Alliance Registration Fee. Naturally you will need to continue to pay the Tournament Fee as with the Ordinary Membership.

Playing with Alliance International Hockey Club

Nomination for Tournaments
Tournaments will be added to the Tournament List on the website immediately after the invitation has been received by the Club and are as of that time open for nomination. Additionally, the Club Secretary will at the end of a calendar year (or more often if needed) send a newsletter by email with a list of all tournaments for the coming year(s).

A member interested in taking part in one (or more) of the tournaments listed, nominates him/herself as a potential player via Spond.

Selection of Players 
If too many players have nominated themselves for being part of a team in one tournament, then the Executive Committee of the Club will make a selection. 
Managers and Captains
There is a Manager for each team who is responsible for liaising with the organiser and all ‘off pitch’ enquiries

The Captain for each team will be chosen for ‘on pitch’ duties. 

Playing kit 
The colours of Alliance International Hockey club are

  • Shirt: sky blue, Shorts/Skirt: navy blue and Socks: sky blue. You buy the shirt from the club and wear it when playing for Alliance. We will give you an unique shirt number, which is kept in the club's database, enabling the secretary of the club to inform the organisers of the tournament who is playing with which number.

  • Shorts (dark blue or navy) and socks (light blue or sky blue) need to be bought by the player.

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